L'auberge du Moulin de Cost ouverte le week-end Repas campagnard dans la salle voutée du Moulin Ses tartares avec potatoes maison Ses Salades avec des produits frais Ses Viandes servies avec gratin, ratatouille, beignets, salades...
the hostel Moulin de Cost
the hostel is open on Saturday evening and Sunday lunch, from October to April,
as well as for special occasions, Christmas, New Year's Day ...
We welcome you in the beautiful vaulted room, at the corner of the fireplace,
for country meals in a friendly atmosphere :
Our Chef prepares a full menu that changes weekly
with dishes made with fresh and local products..

the hostel is open from October to April on Saturdays and Sundays

Roasted meat in the fireplace

Local dishes and home cooking

Wine list of the country and appellation

Groups for special occasions
are welcome :

Meals on order for groups up to 70 persons

Meals on order for your parties, birthday, wedding ...

Possibilities of musical animation

the "plus"of the hostel of the Moulin de Cost:

Fresh and local products, home cooking

generous dishes

Family atmosphere and friendly

Photo Gallery

Le Moulin de Cost :
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Hostel open during the winter

quartier cost -26170 Buis les Baronnies

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